We serve the areas of Scranton, Dunmore, Clarks Summit, as well as the rest of Lackawanna County.

The Moran Pain Clinic:
Pain Relief When you Need it the Most

Are you unable to live the life you want because of day to day pain? The Moran Pain Clinic can help. Serving the locals of Lackawanna County, the Moran Pain Clinic is Northeastern Pennsylvania’s one-stop solution for pain management.

Lead by Dr. Kurt Moran, the facility prides itself on three key qualities: respect, honesty, and integrity. Every diagnosis is personalized to every patient. Our exceptional staff will work with you to figure out exactly why you are experiencing pain, and provide you with the best treatment options available.


Pain Management

There are many forms of pain — from arthritis, anemia, lupus, liver dysfunction; we help treat it all. We believe that all forms of pain, both acute and chronic, involve treating the physical and psychological. Such treatment can involve medication, physical therapy, counseling, family support, and various forms of injections depending on the disease process.



Legal Help

The Moran Pain Clinic specializes in helping our clients not only manage their pain, but aiding them in any legal situations regarding their pain. Injured on the job? Can’t get workers’ compensation? Dr. Kurt Moran has helped countless patients prove to courts that they still need ongoing treatment and compensation. He is here to help you too. Dr. Moran will not only educate you and your family on your medical condition, but provide prime treatment programs, prognosis, and legal compliances, including appearing in court on your behalf when necessary.