About Dr. Moran

The professional when it comes to relieving pain. 

drkurtDr. Kurt Moran is your primary source for professional and effective pain relief in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A graduate of the University of Scranton and the American University of British West Indies, Moran holds degrees in internal medicine, pain management, and laser cosmetic surgery. Moran has spent a substantial amount of time in each field, with 27 years in internal medicine, 12 years in pain management, and 25 years in anti-aging. He is also a member of the American Academy of Pain Management and the American Academy of Anti-aging. This abundance of experience and knowledge has allowed him to become one of the most effective doctors of pain relief in Lackawanna County.

Dr. Moran builds his business on the satisfaction of his patients, and takes pride in treating them with respect, honesty, and integrity. His main goal: to ease your suffering so that you can obtain the best quality of life possible, and to always be available to you when you need it. Dr. Moran will not only educate you and your family on your medical condition, but provide prime treatment programs, prognosis, and legal compliances.

Although a master in the fields of internal medicine and anti-aging, Moran specializes in the care and treatment of personal injury and workers’ compensation. His clinic works with all law firms to help you with the difficulties of insurance.



  • Graduate of University of Scranton
  • Medical School:  American University of British West Indies


  • Internal medicine
  • Pain Management
  •  Laser Cosmetic Surgery


  • Cook County General Hospital
  • St. Luke’s Presbyterian Hospital
  • Norwegian American Hospital

Medical Residence:

  • St. Vincent Medical Center


  • American Academy Pain Management
  • American Academy Anti-Aging 

Speaker for:

  • Insys pharmaceutical (pain management)
  • Pfizer (pain management)
  • Salvag pharmaceutical (anti-aging)