Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

The Moran Pain Clinic: always on your side.

Here at the Moran Pain Clinic, we carry a firm understanding of the law and how it coincides with injuries and pain management. We are well aware that it can sometimes be difficult receiving compensation for injuries on the job. When independent medical exam reviews come back unfavorable, we can help explain the real pain situation after a thorough review. We work with lawyers to help our clients win their cases and keep pain management ongoing. We are here to educate you on the matter, as well as do our best in making sure you can continue receiving the benefits needed to manage your pain.

How it Works

When you get injured on the job, your company is obligated to pay for your medical services, medications, MRI’s, and anything else needed for your treatment related to that particular accident. 

There are different workers’ compensation categories or companies employees can go through. After a certain period of time, the employee will have to undergo an atilization review. This involves having a practitioner reexamining the employee as a patient, and then reviewing the case.

Why we are not like most pain management facilities.

Here at the Moran Pain Clinic, we prioritize ourselves in making each case personal. In instances where the employee is not helped, lawyers can file an appeal. This is where we can help. We provide the information needed to win your case. However, we also take it a step further.

If you are still in pain after a work injury, we will present ourselves at court on your behalf to discuss the particular injury and represent your case. When it comes to pain management, we pride ourselves on being there for you every step of the way.

Full proof testing and results.

We utilize EMG Nerve Conduction studies, which inform us of your injuries and the correct method of treatment thereafter. EMG Nerve Conduction studies help find the causes of damages muscle tissue and nerves. Such tests have been known to be substantial and full proof when it comes to understanding the underlying conditions of pain. We show you why you have pain, why you need medications, and how to continue treating yourself in the future. We also use this information in court to help you win your case.